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Florida Hospital (FLH): Call for Proposals for Fiscal Year 2016 (FY2016)

The Central Florida Health Research (CFHR) site has been created to stimulate collaboration and synergistic proposal development between researchers from Florida Hospital (FH) and University of Central Florida (UCF) (and potentially additional partners of CFHR in the future). 

CFHR invites researchers from UCF and FH to submit collaborative research proposals at any time.  The Advisory Board of Central Florida Health Research will review the proposals and provide notice of awards approximately 1-2 months after the review start date with funding to begin within 1-3 months of notice of award (see Key Dates below).  We welcome proposals from any field of study, including but not limited to: Biomedical Engineering, Human Factors in Healthcare, Simulation and Training in Healthcare, Neurodegenerative Diseases, and Identification of Cancer Biomarkers.  

Key Dates:
  • March 1 -- all proposals submitted by March 1 will be reviewed with notice of award no later than April 30.
  • July 1 -- all proposals submitted between March 1 and July 1 will be reviewed with notice of award no later than August 30.
  • November 1-- all proposals submitted between July 1 and November 1 will be reviewed with notice of award no later than December 31.
    * The deadline for submissions is at 11:59pm EST of the day shown.

These awards are intended to:
  • promote collaboration between FH and UCF researchers,
  • provide seed funding to generate preliminary data that would be used for submission of future extramural grant applications, and
  • provide seed funding for proof-of-concept studies.

Research proposals should be submitted on the CFHR website and contain the following: 
  • Project Personnel (entered via form field)
  • NIH Biosketches for ONLY PI and Co-PI (5 page limit per biosketch). A summary of other key personnel may be included in addition to the PI and Co-PI biosketches (1 page limit for summary of key personnel).
  • Specific Aims (entered via form field with 2,500 character limit)
  • Research Strategy - (3 page limit). Please use the template provided under the submission deadline on right, so that the Strategy section is organized as follows:
    • Project summary, including a clearly stated hypothesis (Limit to one paragraph)
    • Background (appropriately referenced with no more than 1 page of references. References can be included in addition to the 3 page limit for Research Strategy)
    • Approach to achieve aims/methods (Detailed research plan)
    • Achievable milestones (Detail how the key components of the research will be completed in 12-18 months)
    • Plan of collaboration between FH and UCF (Detail how each collaborator will significantly contribute to the scientific examination of the research topic)
    • Detailed explanation of key results (Explain how the key results of this project will support new or ongoing efforts to obtain extramural funding support)
    • Optional references (1 page limit) 
  • Budget and Budget Justification - include only fringe benefits.  Do not include overhead costs. (1 page limit). 
Upload a single PDF in this order: Biosketches, Project Personnel, Research Strategy, and Budget Justification. Please adhere to the page limits.

Scoring will be based on the following criteria:
  • Scientific merit, (30 points)
  • Strength of the FH/UCF Collaboration, (30 points)
  • Potential for future external funding and/or product development (25 points), and
  • Feasibility of executing project based on team, budget, equipment, space, resources, etc. (15 points)
Additional Information:
  • Award amounts will typically be up to $20,000.  Submitted budget should be based on real need. There are no exclusions of allowable costs except food, alcohol, and entertainment.  All budget items and costs must be justified.  Any change in budget after award that exceeds 20% will require prior approval.
  • Proposals may be submitted throughout the year. The committee will consider proposals on or about the following dates: 
    • March 1 (notice of award April 30)
    • July 1 (notice of award August 30)
    • November 1 (notice of award December 31)
  • One resubmission of an unfunded proposal will be permitted.
  • Partial funding for a proposal may be recommended by the review committee.
  • Applications must be submitted via the Central Florida Health Research website.  Uploaded files should follow NIH guidelines for page formatting.
  • Collaboration must be between FH and UCF faculty.  Students cannot be designated as Principal Investigators.
  • Collaboration between FH and UCF faculty must be equal on intellectual merit/input - for example, FH participation cannot be only to provide samples.  There should be clinical/MD participation from FH as well.
  • Adjunct faculty that have affiliation with both FH and UCF are eligible to apply.

For more information, please contact:

Pegasus Professor and Assistant VP for Research and Commercialization
Director of Research Development
University of Central Florida
4365 Andromeda Loop N.
Orlando, FL 32816
Accepting Proposals:

7/1/2015 - 8/14/2016 *

Available Documents:
Research Strategy
Please use the template to provide information for the Research Strategy.
* The deadline for submissions is at 11:59pm EST of the day shown.
Last Modified: 6/30/2016