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Title:  Advancing Pre-Surgical Functional Mapping with Artificial Intelligence Methods

Research Team

Awards are intended to promote collaboration between Florida Hospital and UCF researchers.  There must be a researcher from each organization involved in the proposed project.  Please identify who the lead investigators from each organization are and upload an NIH biosketch for ONLY the PI and Co-PI (5 page limit per biosketch). A summary of other key personnel may be included in addition to the PI and Co-PI biosketches. (1 page limit for summary of key personnel)

Florida Hospital PI: 
Milena Korostenskaja, PhD
University of Central Florida PI: 
Ulas Bagci, PhD
Project Personnel: 
Milena Korostenskaja, Ulas Bagci, Eduardo Martinez Castillo, Harish Raviprakash
Research Key Words:  adaptive neurotechnologies, AI, BCIs, brain tumor surgery, clinical neurophysiology, cortical stimulation mapping, CortiQ, ECoG, epilepsy surgery, functional language mapping, intraoperative brain mapping, ML, MEG, post-surgical language outcomes, RTFM
Research Summary: 
Real-time functional mapping (RTFM) is a novel methodology for pre-surgical identification of functionally relevant brain language areas that is safer, less invasive, and more time/effort-effective than electrical cortical stimulation (ESM), which is currently the clinically accepted gold standard. Dr. Milena Korostenskaja has been leading clinical RTFM application into pre-surgical epilepsy patients' work-up at FHFC and demonstrated that although the RTFM has a strong potential for becoming a viable ESM alternative, there is a need for improving its accuracy to match ESM standards. The objective of this proposal is to advance RTFM accuracy to a level comparable with ESM. This will be achieved through joint collaborative effort between FHFC: Dr. M. Korostenskaja (FHFC PI of this proposal) with Dr. E.M. Castillo and UCF: Dr. U. Bagci (UCF PI of this proposal), a specialist in artificial intelligence methods, thus, generating preliminary data for securing joint FHFC-UCF extramural grant funding.
Last Modified: 6/30/2016