The Central Florida Health Research site has been created to stimulate collaboration and synergistic proposal development between researchers from Florida Hospital (FH) and University of Central Florida (UCF) (and potentially additional partners in the future). This site provides an opportunity for researchers from different organizations to locate others with similar interests and then work together to develop necessary preliminary data, funded by the partnered organizations, that will eventually lead to submission of extramural grant funding.

Building Research Partnerships

Researchers are encouraged to first Log In and complete a user profile. Only researchers from partner organizations of this site will have access to the information shared in the profile. Use the Find a Research Partner feature to locate potential collaborators with similar interests. Another means of identifying research partners is to review current and past research projects. Links have been provided to facilitate browsing or searching of specific key words across research project descriptions.

Submit a Proposal for Funding

The site's Advisory Board will periodically announce a Call for Proposals (CFP) to elicit research projects from collaborating researchers. To quickly locate current CFPs, use the "All Open Calls" menu item on the left and drill down for submission instructions and deadlines for each Call. Please note that you will need to be logged into this site to complete your submission. To identify additional funding opportunities visit UCF's Office of Research & Commercialization.

UCF Research News

Ancient Civilizations, Artificial Intelligence — Just a Routine Day for UCF Professor

Published: Mon, 26 Sep 2016 14:14:56 +0000 During Hispanic Heritage Month, UCF Today will share some of our students’ and faculty members’ stories and how being Latino has shaped their lives. Luis Rabelo’s day job is pretty impressive. The University of Central Florida engineering professor investigates artificial intelligence and simulations, and how to use both to innovate and enhance operations for public […]

UCF-based Limbitless Solutions Visits White House

Published: Thu, 15 Sep 2016 17:22:40 +0000 Stephanie Valderrama, creative director for UCF based Limbitless Solutions, is visiting the White House today as part of the White House Design For All Showcase. The event, including a fashion show to celebrate inclusive design, assistive technology and prosthetics, is designed to highlight the ways that assistive technology breaks down barriers, reduces stigma and improves […]

Florida Hospital News

Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller visits patients at cancer institute

Published:  September 23, 2016   Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller visited patients, survivors and staff Thursday at the Florida Hospital Cancer Center, where she discussed her experiences as an ovarian-cancer survivor and advocate. Miller is a 7-time Olympic medalist in gymnastics, competing in the 1992 Summer Games in Barcelona, and the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta. Her visit coincided with National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, which occurs every September. Read More

Florida Hospital opens two new Sports Medicine and Rehab locations

Published:  September 22, 2016 Florida Hospital Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation is pleased to announce the opening of two new locations in Winter Garden and Waterford Lakes.  Florida Hospital Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation offers a unique care option for patients with common sprains, strains, neck and back pain, and recurring injuries. Read More

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